Most yoga is challenging for everyday people.

Most popular yoga offered today is about physical grace and mastering challenging postures; which many of us just can't do. You don't need to master pretzel postures to benefit from yoga. It's not what yoga is about.

What's wrong with most yoga programs?

When done correctly yoga can relieve: stress, anxiety, depression and many of life's illnesses are related to the body-mind connection being out of balance.
"NeuroYoga" ™ integrates the latest neuroscience with very specific movements, breath work, and techniques to quicken obtaining inner balance by using “NeuroPatterning” to aid with:

  • decreasing chronic pain
  • reducing stress
  • reducing anxiety, panic or worry, or depression
  • lowering blood pressure
  • easing PTSD and Trauma
  • and more...

"NeuroYoga"™ also allows you to explore your own unique journey and awakening; which "Yoga" is all about. Each of us has their own unique journey in life and our programs respect that.

The First Sutra (basic philosophical writings of yoga) by PataƱjali begins with “Now begins the study of yoga.” and then defines it as the concentration which restricts the fluctuations of the mind-stuff (Chitta). Freed from them, the self attains self-expression. Chitta Vritti is basically the Sanskrit term for mind chatter. Vritti, literally means "whirlpool". So Chitta Vritti is the whirlpool of thoughts we experience. But is not who we are.

Neuroscience reveals that we have 60 - 80 thousand thoughts a day. Quite a bit of time spent avoiding who we really are and our true potential. And the whirlpool of thought is the source of a great deal of our problems in life.

The word yoga is derived from the Indo-Germanic root yuga, which means “bridle.” The word is closely related to the word “yoke” or union.

Yoga means "union, balance, and a harmonious state of mind; bridging the different aspects of life; connecting the individual consciousness with supreme consciousness (however we perceive that, since there are many interpretations: Christ consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Supreme Spirit… depending on ones' beliefs.)

Fundamentally though yoga is about unity, oneness, inner balance, and harmony with yourself; which does not occur when the mind is in a whirlwind. So, it is probably not by accident that the first focus of the Yoga Sutras is concentrating on the reduction of Chitta (mind-stuff) to be calm and at peace. Yet most yoga programs ignore this first and fundamental principle of restricting the whirling of the mind that we all experience. When we restrict the mind chatter, we can transform the tyranny of the stress that it creates to tranquilly. Why not experience a "Quiet Mind", let go of anxiety or stress and find peace? Why not learn proven techniques to relax your mind that you can use for life?


How Yoga Changes Your Brain



“Neuroplasticity” is a modern term that demystifies what may have been considered a fuzzy, fluffy “story” that yoga and meditation practitioners have been telling for centuries. A person can actually change the size, shape and condition of their brain by thinking thoughts — both good and bad. The brain is not fixed. It is “neuroplastic” and can retrain itself. It's not magic; it's neurobiology and it has been proven by science.

NeuroYoga™ leverages “Neuroplasticity” to achieve long-lasting resilience against stress.


The brain, mind, body, spirit connection

Yoga can supposedly improve depressive symptoms and immune function, as well as decrease chronic pain, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and lower blood pressure, obtain inner balance, and more. These claims have all been made by yogis over the years, and it sounds like a lot of new age foolishness. However, everything in that list is supported by scientific research.

What neuroscience is revealing about yoga, meditation and mindfulness is exciting because essentially it's starting to catch up with yogic wisdom — yoga, meditation and mindfulness improve your brain/mind/body/spirit connection and makes you stronger, healthier, more relaxed, and more capable of self-actualization.

NeuroYoga™ postures and breathing techniques can accerlerate the process by using “NeuroPatterning™”.


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Why Yoga Can Be Especially Healing for Individuals with a History of Trauma

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk shares “We got into yoga and eventually the first real study of yoga for PTSD via trying to explore how we can calm down the brainstem and calm down the back of the brain. We did discover that yoga does change heart rate variability and does change, basically, organization of the brainstem. ...our yoga studies — we have done three published studies now — show that yoga is more effective than any medication that has ever been studied for PTSD. This has strangely not resulted in psychopharm clinics being turned into yoga studios. I don't know why.”

Bessel van der Kolk is a psychiatrist, author, researcher and educator based in Boston, United States. Since the 1970s his research has been in the area of post-traumatic stress. He is the author of The New York Times best seller, The Body Keeps the Score.

Not every yoga program is appropriate for individuals with a history of trauma. That’s why Keith (Founder of NeuroYoga.Zone) has put years of study and research in to his trauma informed programs and has a certificate in Neuroscience & Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental, or Repeated Trauma.

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