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Great News!

New Release!

NeuroYoga.Zone™ "Health Affirmations Meditation 1"

Health Woman

This Neuroscience based sequence of affirmations for greater health is accompanied by relaxing music to nudge you into your optimal health mindset. It can be listened to daily to erase old habits and attitudes toward health and wellbeing and replace them with ones that foster your best health no matter what age you are.

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New Release!

NeuroYoga.Zone™ "Ethereal Voices II"

Inspired by the calm relaxing ethereal sound of the female voice and the latest Neuroscience about the benefit of stimulating the Vagal system with sound, music, or voices to tone that system, this soothing meditation combination of ocean wave sounds, original music, and ethereal Celtic and Bulgarian vocals was composed and performed with multiple synthesizers by Master Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness instructor Keith Engelhardt. 

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Transform the Tyranny of Stress to Tranquility! In a safe space, our members share their experience, insights, and resources related to Neuroscience based yoga/mindfulness/meditation and neuroscience related to health, wellness, and fulfillment.

Are you struggling to do it all, exhausted at the end of the day? Your brain is just fried. At times do you feel that you can't do it one more day? You are not alone. Join us and explore what neuroscience is revealing about yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and the tranquility few of us experience in our lives. A tranquil state is the foundation of health, wellness, and fulfillment. Choose your prefered plan (Free or Inner Circle).


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Check out the complete selection



Interviews with NeuroYogo.Zone's founder Keith Engelhardt

Simple Tools to Destress and Build Resilience w/ Keith Engelhardt


Dayton Business Review Interview

The Auto Autoimmune Hour Interview

Small Business Marketing - Then and Now Episode 3

Keith hosts the "Your Brain Shift" Podcast
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Cultural Narratives and Its Impact on Masculinity

Master Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness instructor Keith Engelhardt is  interviewed by Rolando Hyman − a personal life coach for men.

Keith shares his years of experience and expertise on how men can achieve optimum success through neuro-transformation, reducing stress, and more...

The interview is done by Rolando Hyman a personal life coach for men.

Available at:


Want to live "Your Ultimate Life"? 

Why not control the madness and exercise control over your mind and your life. 

In this episode, Kellan Fluckiger chats with Keith Engelhardt about three things that help us deal with trauma and the crazy pace of life. We have created a world with 24/7 stimulation and an incessant bombardment of news, stimulation, and noise. That easily overloads what we can do. Why would we allow ourselves to live that way?

Podcast cover image
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Stu Williams and Master Yoga and Meditation Instructor Keith Engelhardt chat in Mindset Meetups Ep. 10 - Getting Present: Becoming a Human Being, Rather than a Human Doing



Replays of Keith's past Clubhouse Rooms

Replay link to "Ditch New Year Resolutions, Learn What to Do Instead!"

Stop the Madness!!! Approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail and people quit them by the second week of February. So ditch them and learn what works instead. Join this Clubhouse room to find out a better way to achieve success with your intentions and the outcomes that you want to achieve all year long.
Listen at

Replay link to his recent Clubhouse room “Overcoming Stress & Anxiety” on Clubhouse

Replay link to his recent Masterclass “The Importance of Determining Your Core Value” on Clubhouse

Replay link to his most recent Masterclass “The Neuroscience of Success” on Clubhouse

Link to the replay of his Clubhouse room “Choose Your Karma for 2022” on Thursday Dec 16, 2:00 pm EST

Keith is hosting “The Importance of Determining Your Core Values” on Clubhouse Tuesday Dec., 28 at 2:00 pm EST
Most everyone moves through life misaligned with their core values, not knowing them, or living the core values other. Come learn the importance of core values and how to determine them.

Link to "Feel Better & Fight Negativity w/ These 5 Simple Practices!" at


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